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mysteryfag's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Dec 2010|05:36am]
Just had my second firefighter.
The email exchange was easy.. in my ad, I said somethng to the effect of
"i'm a trans guy, meaning i was born female but look/sound/act/smell/feel totally male
(personal description here)
i just have an extra hole to fuck..
very into bears/daddies/big brother/jocks/military... i like rough, vocal, assertive men
not into a lot of questions, if you don't get it, don;t bother."

well, with this ad, I bagged a hot firefighter.
So, brothers, I can honestly tell you... they're out there.
He got here and was like, "what's the business?" and I said whip it out and we'll see.
It's almost scary how easy it is sometimes.
With dudes, it's all about the attitude. Feel like you own it, act like you own it.. and you WILL own it.
We had wicked hot sex for about half an hour (after which he apologized for being so short, at which i laughed, cause so many guys think they're studs for lasting more than 30 seconds (but let me double parenthetical and say there's been once or twice *i* couldn't last more than a minute or two cause the occasion was just too supreme))
But I digress. Feel like you own it, act like you own it, and you will indeed own it.

This firefighter and I, we had amazing sex, yeah. But then we layed there talking about relationships and women and expectations and having kids and being a man and all sorts of whatnot. As amazing as he was with the fucking, that's what I'll remember him for.

There's a lot I haven't felt ok saying, or knowing who to say it to , or what-the-fuck-ever. But random firefighter dude and I spent 30 minutes fucking and 3 hours talking, and I feel better, cause I know I'm not the only guy that feels this way.
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TOTALLY OFF TOPIC [28 Oct 2010|09:33pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Stacey Blahnik was my aunt.
And after all the shitty press, I'm worried that when I die, my "real name" will show up, and the fact that I'm "wearing men's underwear" will become more important than how I died, or how I lived, or who I loved and who loved me.
So, dear readers, look into this.. give a shit. And do what you can.

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The Professor [19 Oct 2010|03:56pm]
Just had a guy over... (E's been here for like 3 weeks straight and now she's gone for several hours so, srsly, of course I'm off for the cock...) He was totally Professor material. He was maybe 50ish, or younger, 42-50, with gorgeous grey hair and no kinda gym body, but still in decent shape, widower shape, the shape of a man who knows better but only eats when he's really really hungry...
He was excellent. Was a bit older and wasn't totally hard the whole time, but I'm ok with taht cause I LOVE OLDER GUYS, also, he mentioned he was nervous bout my wife showing up.. which i certainly understand as well.
But he fucked like he WANTED TO and I got to spend a good long time sucking him off, which is always excellent...
I will SO see this guy again... he just got it, whithout any explanation or questions, he just understood. which is always a good sign.
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Tall and Quiet [10 Oct 2010|11:49am]
So, E's been gone 2 days, and i had myself a little feast.
The days all run together, but whatever... the other night I had shit up on craigslist and manhunt, and I swear, manhunt just isn't the same now that i'm in the suburbs. There's a whole lot of "where you at?" and "I'll be there in 40 minutes."
I talked to a guy the other night at 4 am, he showed up at 10:15 when I was getting ready to leave for something... i was just like, sorry man, yr late.
But... that was after I had an excellent 'regular' (that's what I'll call them.. anyone i see more than once.. i have a few right now, cause that's how we roll in the 'burbs) so I was kinda unconcerned.
There's this one, I dunno his name, so I just think of him (and have in my phone) as "Tall." (i remember i mentioned he pulled my shirt off hockey-fight style and just had his way with me.. y'all remember?)
I texted him at about 7:30, told him the door was open, and then went to sleep on the couch.
I woke up from a nice deep sleep to see a gorgeous package in front of me. I thought it was a dream, and started to roll over to go back to sleep. But something woke me up again a second later, and the next second, I had a nice thick cock in my mouth.
I like that he's not scared to just come in and present himself for servicing. Seriously, there's guys like this out there, they're not just fantasies.
Y'all know from previous entries that I like a vocal man, but for some reason I like this guy's quietness. He just comes in, presents his cock, fucks me 8 ways til tuesday, and leaves.
Trying to get him to come over now, actually.
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the big brother i never had [01 Oct 2010|06:42am]
[ mood | drunk ]

was just away with E (and my dad) at the beach for 4 days.. was a bit difficult, cuz of course we needed some time alone, but Dad just didn't get it... so E and i took a few Very Long Showers.. let me know if you want to hear about that.

But in the meantime, I'll tell you about the two guys I just had over.

Dude one was not terribly memorable, I don't even remember for sure what his email responses were, except that he was nearby. He showed up (totally not my physical type, but he had the right attitude,) sat down, dropped his pants, i sucked him hard, i rode him like a fuckin pro. It was nice, that's all I can really say. Like pizza... decent pizza is better than no pizza, when yr in the mood for pizza. Same goes for cock, generally.
But the best part: after we fucked, he said, "yr straight right? so yr clean?"

Guy number 2 was the one I was really hoping and waiting for. I'd gotten his pic and instantly thought "absolutely." 100% my type. Surfer meat-head type. Love that shit. He got here about 3 minutes after the first guy left.
I'd told him my accommodations weren't great (in return for free rent, i'm fixing up my dad's house, which is a disgusting goddamn mess.) but he said he didn't care. I hoped he wouldn't change his mind. I met him outside, and immediately noticed how good he smelled. I also immediately felt ridiculously comfortable with him, so I told him I thought he smelled really good, to which he replied, "sweet, bro, glad you like."
And at the word "bro," i was ready for anything.
I don't even know where to start.. this guy was phenomenal. He'd obviously had experience with other trannyboys, cause he knew wheat to call everything and was totally adaptable.
Physically, he was an old-school skater (surfer? he is from california) gone a little soft.. cutoffs and tshirt and baseball cap, a little shorter than average with scruffy grey hair and 3-day stubble and a big furry belly over a tight swimmer's build.. he was basically me in 10 years. So of course I found him totally hot.
I sucked his cock a bit, he said something about "yeah boy.." and he noticed what it did to me, so he kept it up. He was all "good boy" and "dirty boy" and yr making my cock feel so good bro" and shit, I couldn't help it, I reached for my own cock (something i've been doing since I've been with E.. again, ask if you wanna know more about that particular brand of mindblowing sex..) and he was all "yeah, jerk that cock boy, do it son.."
So I was looking up now and then as I sucked him off, enjoying his big hairy belly and the fact that he was watching me the whole time (and that he had his baseball cap on the whole time, woot!) and finally said, "dude, yr *so* the big brother i always wanted.." and from there he played the part even better.
He fucked me hard, he told me to blow him, he jerked me off, he told me to jack my cock while he fucked me..
"ride it harder bro.."
"put yr mouth on it again dude.."
and i was giving it right back, "dude, yr dick feels so good.." "fuck me deep, man.." (and he did..)
and at one point, i was riding his cock, he said, "cmon bro, i can tell you like it deep, i know you want me deeper.." i said something to the effect of, "dude, give me all of it.." and he just grabbed my legs and put me in a wierd position i've never been in that seriously, he was fucking me deeper than i knew was possible. then, he started jerking me off.
"cmaon lil bro, lemme at that cock, lemme jerk you off, i wanna make you cum.."
he was just on and on like that while he fucked me *and* jerked me off..
he ended up shooting first.. but still was trying to get me off after. he was all nasty, "jerk that cock for me, shoot for me lil bro, cmon son.."
I was laying next to him at that point, rubbing the cum into his belly hair with one hand and jerking off with her other, with him growling into my ear.. i suddenly got the balls up to say "put a hand on my chest or grab me real tight.."
he did both.. rolled over half a turn, with one hand on my chest, the other arm around me in a really really tight bear hug, (like E tends to do, but with much less force,) and growled in my ear, "shoot it on me, bro.."
And boy howdy did I.
Afterwards we talked, about traveling, and moving, and parents, and I told him about E and he had good advice, and also we just laughed about dumb shit. As he left, he told me to call him, but of course, he's not from here, just traveling. Prolly for the best, cause this is a guy I could be a total puppydog over.
But i WILL call him again. Like, maybe tomorrow.

(there's an amazing smell on my hands right now.. i still have the smell of E on me, from the incredibly hot sex earlier today, but also the smell of My Big Brother just now.. a very intoxicating combination...)

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[14 Aug 2010|09:26am]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

And then guy number two. But before i could write up guy number two, guy number three showed up. what a morning.
So guy number two responded to my ad last week, but I didn't see it til later. His headline was "bi blk top into transguys" which I appreciated, cause I knew he knew what I meant.
Just for fun, here's the email exchange we had over a couple of days:
him, aug1: sup...came across your ad and it made my dick jump. defnitely trying to get with u today. 33 5'8 180 33w 7.5c top here...let me be your adventure for today...
(then he sent me a pic of his cock buried in someone with an obvious trannyboy cock, woot!)
(then i sent him the pics of me getting fucked from a few journal entries back)
him: damn - hot pics man!
any more?
you live alone? what part of XXXXX? I used to live there.
where you at?
(these over a couple of days...)
I finally emailed him back to tell him: hey, sorry i wasn't around, my girl came to visit and stayed longer than we'd planned.
but... i am VERY interested in meeting you ;)
in fact, i'm hoping there's a chance yr around right now...
him: I'm at work right now. when are you available? guess I missed the opportunity tonight huh?
me: well, i'm goin out for drinks with friends... as always, i will certainly come home tipsy and desperately wanting to be fucked, probably about 1am... think you'll be up around then?
him: no. 1 am I will be knocked out sleep.
me: (at 5:45 am)aww well damn... i got in later than usual, even hornier than usual...
text me when you wake up? (followed by my phone number)
Then he texted me bout an hour later, and was here right quick.
He came in quite friendly, followed me into the bedroom, and his cock was in my mouth pretty quick, as if y'all are surprised by that.
He had a gorgeous dick, and excellent energy, and I couldn't wait for him to fuck me.. but he threw me off a bit...
He sucked my dick for a good long time.
Like a fucking champ, I might add.

I was even grabbing his head and fucking his face and all that awesome shit and he was so totally all about it. He'd obviously been well trained by some other blow-job loving trannyboy. I felt like I was just on track to a wicked cum when suddenly he stopped and aimed his gorgeous, gorgeous cock at my cunt. He plowed right in, and leaned deep over me as he fucked me.
He called me a good boy, a dirty boy(*footnote), and said all manner of other dirty faggot shit while he fucked me. He threw me around, repositioned my legs as needed, and eventually turned me over to fuck me doggystyle.. without ever pulling his cock out of me.
He threw a vicious fuck into me, I was grunting and swearing and telling him to fuck me harder and goddamn was he fucking me harder and harder, shoving me down into the bed, leaning down til his chest was against my back... I felt his cock getting thicker inside me, I swear.
Next thing I know, he's reaching around to jerk me off.

I'm totally not making this up. Yes, my friends, guys like this are out there.

So he's jerking me off, filling me up, fucking me hard, grunting and swearing on top of me...
He pulled out and shot a goddamn huge load all over my ass, stroking my cock til I shot too.

I think I might see this guy again.

After he left, the next guy (who was last week's guy) showed up like not even 5 minutes later. And we had an amazing time... he's a very vocal guy. It was a quick encounter, but really hot, animalistic, deep and primal.

And there's the possibility of the first guy coming over again in a bit, and I'm chatting online with E and she's saying deliciously dirty nasty things to me about me fucking her so deep yesterday, and holy shit I need to go to bed cause I gotta go build a porch for a neighbor this morning and I've been awake for almost 24 hours and went out drinking and got fucked by three guys and there's maybe another one on the way...

Ok, that was a brain cramp and I'm going to bed. But maybe for only a little bit, cause I'm leaving the door unlocked for two guys who may come take advantage of me while I'm sleeping...
more blogging later.

(*so i told E, via text, that should she ever need to get my cock hard posthaste, she need only call me good boy, dirty boy, bad boy, any damn thing with the word boy involved, and i'll be ready to go pretty much immediately. she said that was quite valuable information... and i'm looking forward to her using it. i just know she's got a mouth like a slutty gay sailor, but she's waiting to show it... you guys will be the first to know. well, after me.)

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[14 Aug 2010|07:21am]
[ mood | giddy ]

holy jesus...
this guy just walked in, unzipped, and stuck his cock in my mouth. i didn't even see him at first, i just heard the door open, and he gently grabbed me by the hair, and suddenly this gorgeous cock was in my mouth. he was really tall, and his cock smelled really musky, and he filled my mouth and his legs were trembling. The way his legs were shaking, i wanted to ask if he had drugs (hate to admit it but i do love me some uppers, and hell, it is 6:48 in the morning, so I'm making some assumptions about people looking for sex online at this time of day.)
Tweaker or not, I certainly loved his attitude, so I gave him some champion head. He got so big and so fucking hard in my mouth... and you, my dear readers, know how I love that. While I was blowing him he pulled my shirt over my head, hockey-fight style, another little fantasy of mine (I love hockey, for all the wrong reasons. although my favorite team almost made the cup last season... there's a little clue to my identity. but anyhow.)
Yeah, so aside from just walking into my house and sticking his cock in my mouth, and the ripping my shirt off, I was totally fucking ready to go. He stuck his fingers in me, which I *dont* love, but whatever, some things can be forgiven... with all his other behaviours, I didn't feel out of place saying, "goddamnit, just fuck me."
Which he did. And hard.
He totally ripped my pants off, good thing they were loose anyhow. Shoved me back on the couch and just shoved in. Couldn't get a good enough angle, so he picked me up and threw me over the desk, and shoved into me from behind. His cock was a good size, not too big for me to do some serious work on with my mouth, but big enough to hurt quite a bit when he threw a wicked fuck into me from behind (or maybe I'm just out of practice, what with all the girls and no cock in my life for a bit?)
But whatever, it hurt, and you all know I love that.
I did wonder, what with the question in my own mind about the tweaking, how long it would go on. But it went on just long enough.. 3 or 4 Smiths songs went by, he threw my legs into different positions that worked for him without any regard to what I wanted or needed (again, I love that shit,) and as I was about to rub my own cock a few times for good measure, he made these delicious grunting noises and I felt his already thick cock fill me up even more...
He shoved even deeper, it hurt more and felt even better... and less than a minute later, he was gone.

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[14 Aug 2010|06:51am]
[ mood | devious ]

got home drunk very late again, and juggling like 4 guys... let's see what happens... i love living alone! (altough if E was here i could just wake her up with my cock and be over it... but this is more fun for you dirty faggots...)

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a slight change in job description [08 Aug 2010|10:24pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey, so, sorry about the tease post... I disappear for years, then I say I'm back with a single hot post, and I disappear again for a week.
Well, I met someone excellent, and we're doing that siamese twin thing that happens when you meet someone new (who I will refer to as E.) Now, that doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop posting again. There's lots of interesting sex and body and gender issues that are coming up with E, and I'll be happy to write about them. But I'm curious if you guys would even be interested, cause, well, E's a girl.

Before you go throwing rotten tomatoes, lemme tell ya something. Aside from the sex being goddamn phenomenal (*see footnote), there's an interesting perspective here cause she was my long-term girlfriend in highschool. So, there's a lot of things that are coming up in my head, seeing as how she's the only person I've been romantically and sexually involved with both before- and after transition (separated by 11 years.) There's also things coming up for me around the fact that she's primarily straight and generally attracted to men who are of a different masculine gender than mine. I feel like those issues of identity and different masculine genders are totally relevant to transfags, and we could have some really excellent discussions here. And really, sharing information and having discussion was the main point of doing this blog, not just telling you guys about all the cock I was getting.
But since I know you guys are a bunch of damn dirty faggots and don't necessarily want to hear about how fucking sweet it feels to get to slide my cock so deep into nice warm, wet.. well, don't fret: there's always the fact that E is quite "adventurous" and there's a DEFINITE possibility I could be writing about some hot genderfuck-y threesomes ANY DAY now.

But if I hear an echoing, resounding NO from the peanut gallery (no really, I totally love you guys and thrive on yr feedback,) E and I are not monogamous, and I will still have hot fag-on-trannyboy action to write about...

(*footnote: E's by FAR the skinniest girl I've fucked since my dick has been big enough to fuck other people, so I learned this week that if you have a small(ish) cock, the size of yr partner can make a major difference... topic of discussion?)

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back in the saddle, so to speak [01 Aug 2010|08:00pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Ok, so I woke up still drunk with a raging hard-on, thought about jerking off, then realized.. I'm the only one here, I need to take advantage of that and get some cock!
(side note: I just moved to a slightly-smaller-but-still-large east coast city, am currently in a sublet, living completely by myself for the first time in my life)

So I hopped on craigslist and posted two ads, one in casual encounters and one in msm.
One ad said:
i still get carded for cigarettes...
i'm 5'6 135 lbs, tattooed, dark eyes/hair/facial hair
i'm a transguy, born with female anatomy but i look/sound/act/feel totally male, just have an extra hole to fuck...
haven't had a nice hard cock in me in ages... i love adventurous guys...
and then my phone number.

About 5 minutes later I started to wish I'd just jerked off and gone back to bed, when my phone rang.

Him: I just saw yr ad
Me: Cool, where ya at?
Him: about 10 minutes away
I found it a good sign that even though I'm new here, I recognized the name of the town he's in and knew that it was indeed only 10 minutes away. Then suddenly I got cold feet. I had just re-read my own journal the other day and was remembering how I often kicked myself for not getting photos... so I asked:
Me: do you have a pic you can text me?
Him: Uh, just of my cock..
Me: oh fuck it, just come over.
He laughed and said he'd be right over.

So he showed up, and honestly wasn't very much my type, physically. He came in, we went into the bedroom, and started to undress.
He seemed very down-to-earth, not at all creepy, and though I might not have checked him out on the street, he had a nice body and gorgeous cock. He had medium brown skin, his cock was much darker. He had nice dark hair all over his chest and belly, and as I went right to work on his cock, he was very very vocal.
"Yeah boy, work that cock... milk my dick.." and telling me what a good cocksucker I am... you all know how much I love that ;)
I went on sucking him for awhile, him laying back on the bed and me between his legs. He was getting so hard and leaking so much precum I was scared he was gonna shoot before I got fucked, so I backed off a second and let him see me reach into my own shorts.
I started rubbing my cock gently... gently cause I'd been so hard for at least half an hour, and having his cock in my mouth got me so hot, I was worried I'd come too fast. But he reached down to take over pretty quickly, pulling my shorts off and going for my cock.
"Yeah boy, what a big clit.." he said, which made me cringe a little, but I just blurted out, "cock," and he instantly got it, saying, "lemme at yr cock, boy.."
I layed back while he jerked us both off, pushed his hand away when I felt like I was getting too close.
He got between my legs and pushed his cock into me, deep. It had been awhile since I got fucked, several months, and it hurt a little when he slid in and pushed as deep as he could, but it also felt really nice. He settled into a good hard rhythm, his belly rubbing my cock as he fucked me.
I felt the inevitable about to happen, and growled at him, "i'm gonna come on yr cock.." he growled back and told me he was gonna shoot... we came at almost the same time.

As he was getting up to leave, we made the usual pleasant small talk, and he told me he has some other FTM friends in the area, and he always has a great time with them.
I hope I'm not encroaching on anyone else's territory ;)

So I kept getting texts from someone else who saw my ad, but at the point, I was ready for bed. However, I did text him back, and... well, I'll type that one up later ;)

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drunken 6am hookup? [01 Aug 2010|06:30am]
Alright kids, it's on.
I went out to a gay bar last night and got pretty drunk, had a great time, flirted a lot, came home alone. Went to sleep about 2am.
Woke up at 6 with a fucking raging hard on, signed onto craigslist. For the first time ever, I posted my phone number... good idea? I just didn't feel like waiting. Got a call in about 5 minutes, and the guy will be here any second... think it'll go well? You'll find out in half an hour ;)
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is it time for a comeback? [28 Jul 2010|03:54am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I've gotta be up super early for a long day tomorrow, but couldn't sleep. So I thought, maybe some porn will help! For some reason, I decided to come re-read all of my old exploits, and here I am with a sore shoulder from jerking off for an hour.

And aside from the joy of that, I realized I really miss all of my dear readers!
Are you guys still out there? Are you still interested? Cause if you are, I'd be happy to stage a comeback...
It's been ages, I know, but I have lots more stories and a lot more insight to share.

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The jogger [28 Jun 2006|08:06pm]
(Yes there's a hook-up in this entry, it's just a few paragraphs down.)

I haven't written in a while, not because I haven't been getting my share of cock, but because I sorta felt like I really diverged from the main purpose of this journal.
Before I ever managed to climb into the shady underworld of anonymous fag sex, I depressedly figured it would be impossible to get into, seeing as how my body isn't what I thought it should be, for the situations I wanted to get into. I used to hear third-hand tales of transfags who had infiltrated the world of hot fag sex, and wished that there was some way I could learn from them. I wanted to know their tricks and their tips, I wanted to know ever little detail of how they navigated safely into this seedy, sweaty, cummy fantasy world, so I could do it to.
But try as I might, I just couldn't find anything. Then one day, someone very close to me managed to do it. The next day, I was on my way to a stranger's house, and the rest, as they say, is LiveJournal history.

Aside from being a batch of virtual notches on my bedpost, I wanted this journal to serve as a guidebook, if you will, for other transguys out there looking to get some cock into their lives. As much as we all love the hot and nasty parts, I sorta feel the most important parts are the details of the nevigation, the negotiation, the what-to-say and the how-to-handle-this and whatnot. I started to feel like that all got pretty redundant, so I kinda stopped adding that stuff.

But I want to make sure that anyone interested in that stuff isn't missing out... I'd love to field questions, from explicit to theoretical to anatomical or whatever, and to start discussions. So please, feel free to ask anything you want.

As for the sex...

I was on the phone with G (my sweetie) earlier and mentioned the idea of posting to just get someone to come over, shoot down my throat, and leave. G thought this was a fantastic idea, and all but ordered me to do it. So I posted what I felt like was one of my best-written ads ever:
"Just walk in and I'll be on my knees in seconds, your cock in my mouth. I can do wonders with my mouth... you'll definitely enjoy yourself. Shoot in my mouth or on my face, then zip up and go...
Sound good?
I am young, handsome, and fairly butch, you should have a nice cock and not mind leaving right after you shoot. I'm not interested in long strings of emails, just want you to come over and give me your cock.
Responses with photos get first dibs."

I realized recently that it's been ages since I caught a shot in the mouth, so I decided to just go for that and not bother with trying to get fucked. Given the situation, I didn't feel the need to disclose. No need to bother with all the gender 101 if I just wanna swallow a load, ya see? ;)

I got three responses fairly quickly (after a 20 minute delay before my ad actually got posted.. what's up with that, Craigslist? that's been a problem with them recently, posts used to show up almost instantly.) One had a photo of a really nice cock topped by rock hard abs, and I responded. He told me he could be here in about 10 minutes, I told him the door would be open.

20 minutes later I was worried I was being stood up. Then the door opened, and in walked in one of the personal trainers from my gym. Early 40's, very close cropped salt-n-pepper, some 5 o clock shadow, and a very very very hard body. The sexiest thing? Dripping sweat. I was about to ask him if he'd just come from the gym, but decided just to get to work. He pulled down his gym shorts and sweaty jock (yum) and had a gorgeous cock, already a bit hard. He tasted fantastic... the nice thing about starting a bit soft is that it's really eay to take it all in. He was quite sweaty, but smelled and tasted clean, almost sweet. He got hard quick and started to get very vocal, which I love. I love love LOVE to hear what a good job I'm doing when I've got my mouth on a guy's cock.

He sat down and I continued, rubbing my hands all over his hard, wet body as I worked on his dick. It felt so good, my hands effortlessly sliding over his sweaty pecs. He leaned his head back and rested his hands on the back of my head, hunching his hips up to push farther into my mouth. A few times I stopped briefly to rub my face over his sweaty abs as I stroked him with my hand.

I love the fact that for most of the time, he was looking down at me, watching. I love when guys watch me working theitr cock... I mean, I understand the desire to lean back and close your eyes and get lost in it, but I love being watched while I go.

"Fuck, I'm gonna shoot so much, I'm gonna shoot..." he warned me, and boy did he. I lost some, but happily licked it off his stomach after he started to go soft in my mouth.

He wiped the sweat off his face with his tanktop, and said, "that... was really, really good. Quite an addition to my run.." Turns out he'd jogged about 2 miles here... hence the sweatiness. Yum.
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[27 Feb 2006|11:33am]
First off: is anyone going to the Philadelphia TransHealth Conference this week/weekend? I am...

So, it's been a while... I apologize.
I kind of ran out of steam a bit with the hooking up. Also, my roommate has been home almost every minute of every day since, so I haven't had much chance to be a dirty little fag boy.

Not that I haven't found a way on occaison, however...

There was another Marine, totally hot in his "Normal Straight Dude"-ness, in addition to the fact that he was exactly might height, which is to say, short.

There was a young Vietnamese (Cambodian maybe?) hairdresser with quite possibly the softest skin I've ever felt... not the softest skin I've ever felt on a guy, but on ANYONE, girls included. He was fun and only two blocks away, so we've hooked up a few times since. The first time we fucked, he pulled out towards the end and made himself cum by rubbing his cock against my thigh, then shot thick ropes of cum up my leg. Yum. We've also got a language barrier between us, and he calls me by an incorrect but similar sounding name. For some reason, I really like that.

But ok, dear readers, here's the real reason I haven't been writing: I fell madly in love.
It's not that we're monogamous or anything rediculous like that, I just haven't had the time or desire to go out whoring, considering the hot lovin' I'm getting at home. The beauty is, my Hottie is fully aware of my status as a Dirty Dirty Little Faggot, and fully encourages it. This means that yes, indeed, there will be more entries. Hell, I still have some hot theatre sex to tell you all about...

Have you all been having any dirty fun lately? Wanna tell me about it?
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Ok, so about last night.. [07 Nov 2005|02:19pm]
I really do know better than to try to hook up at like, 2 in the morning. I find, through personal experience and from hearing form other people, that generally, the later it is after midnight, the wierder and creepier and less attractive the guys get.
But, I was lonely and bored and wide awake and had the house to myself, so I signed onto squirt.org. When I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about hooking up, I'l just sign onto squirt and see if anyone messages me. It's pretty low traffic, so I don't get much from there... but I've had good luck with the guys that I have met through that. So if I feel like a hookup might be nice but I'm not in the mood to put a lot of effort into the chase, that's what I'll do.

I got a message from a guy that seemed pretty decent, and no-bullshit. He sent me a message about being interested in "a nice bj and wanna slam into your boycunt," I agreed. He said he didn't have any photos, so I let him get away with telling me what he looked like. He came over, and when I opened the door, I wished I had the balls to just tell him sorry, you're really not my type.

So, friends, how many times have I preached on about getting pics? And about guys who don't have pics? And why haven't I learned? I understand that even in the year 2005, not everyone has the means of getting a photo of themself onto their computer... but then again, if they're someone who wants the internet to get them laid, they'll make the effort. Unless, of course, they're sixty years old and floppy as a bassett hound.

He was a funny guy, though.. a funny fat old uncle type, certainly not someone that I was interested in slamming my boycunt.

He told me he had a "bionic cock" and I laughed, thinking he was trying to convince me that he'd be worth it. "No realy," he said, "I had some medical problems, so I can't get it up, so I have a pump-up cock. Like those sneakers. I'll show you."
I admit, I was curious.

He stripped and laid back on my bed. (ugh.) He held his cock in one hand, gripped one of his balls, and started pumping it. He explained how it filled with saline that came from a reservoir farther up in his belly. A few minutes later, he had a hard cock and one sad, pinched looking ball. "The best thing about it," he said, "is it doesn't go down til I tell it to. I can fuck all night."


Anyhow, it didn't progress well from there. I just kept talking with him, trying to stall. He was talking about wanting to suck my pussy, and why don't I just hop up there with him, and how he really wanted to "try me out." I told him I just wasn't in the mood for fucking. He really didn't want to take no for an answer, and kept trying to convince me. He reached out to grab my ass, "c'mon, just a little try?"
I leaned back against the wall with my arms crossed.

Anyhow, he finally got up to leave, having left my sheets all sweaty. The one good thing about this is, I realized something important about myself. In the distant past, I would have put up with this guy, thinking I was lucky to get any dick at all. But now, I know what I'm worth, I know what I deserve.
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no really, i'm ok [07 Nov 2005|02:49am]
I wish it was easier to write about the bad tricks... I don't want to give the impression that it's always sunshine and lollipops.

Let's just say, I finally got him to leave, I threw my sheets in the laundry, and now it's time for some good old-fashioned escapism. Just wish I had someone safe to wrap their arms around me.

Details later, I guess.
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best night ever, part three: college boy [29 Oct 2005|09:10am]
So, I came back after gettting fucked by my old friend, and hopped back online to see if the craigslist guys i'd left behind were still here.

One of them was.

His very first email had really acught my attention, and I would have had him over if I hadn't gotten that email from my friend.
"hey you sound hot i am 6ft 225lbs strong build i work out. Blonde hair blue eyes. Sent my pic hope to
hear from you because i'd love to fuck you."
It came from a local university address, and was accompanied by aphoto of a big, hot frat boy type with a baby face.

I told him I was free again, and would love to have him over. He asked for my address, and he said he'd be here soon.

He was gorgeous.. tall, very big. Shaggy shortish blond hair, and a cute smile. He was wearing baggy jeans, a really worn out old navy hoodie, and really fancy black and silver Nike Shox... the whole package was almost too much to handle. I got my hands up under his shirt, and trailed my hands through his fur. He had a hairy football player build.. super solid and muscular, but not a six pack, like,a big solid belly and huge pecs covered in blond fur. I went for his nipples, and he almost collapsed. I love a
man with sensitive nipples. I pushed his shirt up and pressed myself against him to bite on his nipple, and he letout a really adorable little moan.

"Let's take our clothes off and lay down, yeah?" he asked, smiling at me.

He layed back on the futon, looking like a playgirl centerfold. I layed down and slowly licked his cock from base to head, watching the look on his face. He was super vocal the whole time I was blowing him, which I love, and always makes me do my absolute best with a guy's cock. He wasn't saying much, but making lots of really hot sexy noises. I kept reaching up to twist his nipples, which would make him buck his hips up and shove his cock deeper into my throat.

He kept telling me how good it felt, and as much as i wanted him to fuck me, I didn't want to take my mouth off his cock. Until of course, he reached down to unfasten my pants as he told me how hot I was, and how bad he wanted to fuck me. He reached into my briefs and started playing with my cock as I
stroked his dick. He put his fingers inside me, and I wondered if he could feel the last guy's load still insideme. He kept playing with my nipples, which I really wish I could feel. (they're still numb from surgery.)

"How can I fuck you?" he asked.
"Fuck my cunt... I can take it harder that way...you gonna fuck me hard?"
"Yeah, dude, I want you to ride me..."
So, I know I've told you all about a million and a half times that being on top isn't my first choice, but then, I've never had a hot young college football hunk ask me to ride him.
So I straddled him and watched his face as I slid down on his super hard cock.

The look on his face as he slid into me waspure bliss, and he let out a little whimper. In my head, I was asking him to be my boyfriend.

I was riding him hard, rubbing my hands over his furry chest, playing withhis nipples. He fucked so deep into my guts that something was hurting, but it also felt so good. I layed down over him so I could bite on his nipple and he could thrust up into me easier. I put my hands on his giant biceps, and held on as he fucked me.

I buried my face against his neck and felt his stubble scraping my cheek. He grunted into my ear, "fuck, i'm close, I'm gonna cum..."
I tightened up my cunt to milk out his load, and he started almost yelling. He grabbed handfulls of the futon and pushed deep up in me, and I could feel his dick pulsing.
God, I love that.

We lay there like that for a few minutes, sweaty, catching our breath, his softening cock slowly sliding out of me.

As he was getting dressed, he told me he still had to go home and do more homework. I asked him what he was in school for, and he told me he's an education major.. and I have a lot of respect for peole that want to be teachers. We got into a really great conversation about education as he slowly put on his clothes. He asked what I do, and when I told him, he sounded really interested. Most tricks that ask what I do get a little wierded out when I tell them, go glassy eyed, and give me the "that sounds interesting..." and they leave. But this guy seemed really interested, and seemed to get it... I almost wanted to ask him tostay a while and chat, but I think that might be awkward.

I emailed him again after he left, very flirtatiously telling him I had a great time, and maybe we should get a drink sometime. I hope I didn't just break some unwritten cosmic rule...

So I walked him to the door, and a minute later I got a text message from my trucker...
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best night ever, part two: an old friend [26 Oct 2005|10:25pm]
Just as a recap, this is the second in a series describing my best evening so far when it comes to tricks, the previous entry is part one. A big musclebear just left, and after talking to an old friend on the phone for a bit, I hopped back online to look for a possible second victim. I got a strange response, which I replied to:

So I got back to this guy asking him if he was free right now, and where was he, and he responded, "I know who you are and well you know me and you can figure it out. If you can let me know...come buy and lets get off"

I didn't recognize his email name, but his email address seemed familiar.

I asked him where we knew each other from, he responded: "heh, aroud the way...I think you know who it is and either your nervous or excited...call me"

I replied, "I don't know, but i'm curious! i can't call you, you didn't send your number!"

His reply: "hit redial."

I got butterflies in my stomach.
The friend I had been on the phone with earlier, well, I've known him for years. We were around each other constantly, and we've partied together a LOT. There were even a few random times we got drunk together and I ended up blowing him, which was always super hot... he's a pretty straight guy, and I think alot of the reason he asked me to blow him in the past was that his bitchy wife wasn't putting out and he knew I was into hooking up with friends, and I always bragged about what a good cocksucker I was. And after the fact, he told me he knew I'd appreciate having a little dirtbag secret with him. Which I definitely did. I always hoped we'd end up fucking, cause he's got a wicked cock and he's hot as hell and a total dirtbag like myself, but it never happened.
So now, it seemed like he was on the other end of this email, and I actually got a little nervous.
Then again, maybe it wasn't him... whatever, I decided to take the chance.
I asked him where he was, and the address seemed familiar. 10 minutes later, I was at his door. I definitly recognized the building.

He came down to let me in,and greeted me asusual, like I was just coming over for a beer. "Yo dawg! How's it goin?"
I followed him up the stairs, wondering if he was just fucking with me.

We sat there for a few minutes, sharing a bottle of pabst, talking about sneakers. He's always got a new pair of imported Air Jordans or limited edition Air Force Ones, and they were all on display. We got quiet for a minute,and he put out his smoke. "So you're looking for
some cock, yeah?"
"Of course," I said, "you know how I am."
He kicked off his pristine Nikes and undid his pants. "Come put your mouth on this, boy."

I got between his legs and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He's got the longest dick I think I've seen, although it's quite skinny. I didn't think I could manage getting my lips to the base of it, cause I never could before.. but I did.
"Yeah, boy, you're an even better cocksucker now!"
He's got a lot of fairly large beads implanted in his cock, which were super hot but difficult to keep my teeth off of.
I pushed right up between his legs and got way down on his cock, stroking his shaft with my lips. He got super raunchy, calling me names and pushing my head down into his lap. I started to gag, but I know he gets off on stuff like that, so I just kept going.

I came up off his cock and started stroking it, giving my jaw a rest. He reached down to pull my shirt off. He commented on my chest, and asked a few questions about the healing as I was still stroking him... he'd always been really interested in trans stuff, and was super supportive through my transition, I dubbed him an honorary transsexual at one point.

He reached down into my pants, telling me he wanted my cock. We spent a few minutes like that, me stroking his cock against my chest, him reaching into my pants to stroke my dick, my face pressed against his tattooed neck.
"Lay down and let me see your cock.."

I took my pants off and lay down on his floor as he took his shirt off.
"You want me to suck it?"
"Oh, you're a cocksucker now?" I said, and pulled his face down to my dick.
He sucked my dick like a drowning man gasping for air. He pressed his whole face right up against me, slobbering and groaning, wrapped his lips around my dick, and went to town. Hot. I got all dirtbag on him, telling him to suck my fucking dick, "where'd you learn to suck dick like that, huh?" and he sucked harder, groaning.
"You've wanted my cock since the second you saw it, haven't you?" (i'd shown it to him before, cause he was curious about the growth. also, we were just in the kind of crazy circle of friends where people sometimes got really silly and ran around with their pants
off.) "you've always wanted my dick in your mouth, haven'tyou?" He went nuts at this.

He got up and straddled me, pointing is cock at my mouth. "did my mouth feel good on your huge cock?" I nodded, and took his cock in my mouth again. He fucked my mouth as he straddled me, leaning back to jerk me off again. He was dirty talking like I almost couldn't believe, some seriously raunchy faggot shit coming out of his mouth, just rambling about how good i was making his cock feel, how good my dick felt in his mouth, how bad he'd wanted my cock, on and on.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and scooted back a bit, sitting over my crotch. I gripped his cock, and started thrusting my hips like I was fucking him. he pressed his ass down on me, and I felt his ass against my cock. He closed his eyes and threw his head back, grinding his hips down on me, and said, "oh fuck, i feelyour cock..." I reached under him to pull my labia back a bit, and got my cock into his asscrack. He yelled, and started riding me, again spewing some really filthy dirtytalk. It felt so good to be kinda fucking him that way, and I held out as long as I could, but he's super skinny and has a really bony ass... it was starting to hurt quite a bit.

I pushed him off me and told him to suck my dick again, which he gladly did. After a few minutes, he had me close. I told him he was going to make me shoot, and he started grunting and groaning and putting some serious effort into it. I grabbed his head and went on and on, "i'm gonna shoot in your mouth, boy, you're gonna make me shoot, you want my cum in your throat?" He was going nuts for that shit. I came hard, and pulled him up on top of me.

I licked my cum off his chin stubble, and he started to rub his cockhead over mine. He kept telling me how good his cock felt. "keep rubbing them together," i said, "that feels so damn good..."

A moment later, I felt him press the head of his cock against my cunt, and I was really looking forward to feeling all of those beads in his cock sliding into me. He slid right into me, balls deep in one shot. Like I said, his cock is super long, and he buried it deep in me. I could feel it deeper than I'd ever felt anyone's cock, and it actually hurt.. which was awesome. He thrust into me a few times and pulled out. He straddled my chest again, and I swallowed his cock, tasting my cunt. "You wanted that bad, didn't you, boy?" he growled as I sucked him. "You want me in you? huh? you want me to fuck you hard?"

I couldn't even answer, what with my mouth full of dick, but I certainly did want him to fuck me hard.

He got back between my legs and slid into me again. He kept himself buried deep in me and fucked me like he was trying to break through me.
"Yeah dude, fuck me, fuck me hard," I breahted into his ear, and he started fucking me so hard we were sliding across the carpet. He gripped my shoulders and humped into me, grunting.

"I'm gonna shoot.. " he growled into my ear, and I pulled him closerto me.
He shot a huge load in my hole, his whole body shuddering.

He sat back, and lit a cigarette. "Damn that was hot," he said. "But now I
gotta go pick up my girlfriend."

10 minutes later, I was back home, online again. Could I manage another? Hell, my trucker was still supposedly coming over later, so I would at least make it to three in one night. Could I find a trick online fast enough to make it four?
Find out next time...
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best night ever, part one: Sir [25 Oct 2005|02:21pm]
(first in a series about a very busy evening..)

I've been emailing back and forth with a particular hot super-top guy, quite a bit over the past two weeks. He responded to an ad of mine awhile back, and we couldn't get together then, but I held onto his emails because they were super hot. When I knew I would be free and have a place to hookup for a few days, I emailed him back, and got him interested again. His emails were always very dirty, and very explicit about what he planned to have me do to him, and that he intended to train me in the fine art of eating ass. The emails flew back and forth, getting hotter and hotter, and finally we had a chance to meet. He picked a corner for me to meet him at, and told me to be there at 6:15, and that I'd better be a good boy and not keep him waiting.

I went to the appointed corner at 6:14, and saw a guy there that I hoped was him. I came up next to him, and he smiled a wicked smile at me. "So," he said,"lead on."

We came in, and he asked me to turn out the light. I did, and he grabbed me and pulled me to him. He was about my height, but very, very solid.. quite a musclebear. He pushed my face hard against his chest and wrapped one huge arm tightly around me. I could barely breathe. "Good boy," he said, "I've been waiting for this. Open up!" he put his fingers in my mouth, and quickly smacked me. "What did I say about teeth?" he growled. "You better not get your teeth anywhere near my cock, faggot." He pushed me down in front of
him, and I touched his denim-covered cock. He smacked me again. "dammit boy, I didn't say you could do that, did i?" he smacked me again. "did I? i asked you a question, faggot!"
"No sir, I'm sorry sir."
He took his shirt off, exposing a rock hard fur-covered bear body. "Get up here, boy, prove you're sorry. Get my nipples."

I pressed my body against his and worked his nipples, pulling and twisting one with my fingers, chewing on the other. "Yeah, boy, you can use your teeth all you want on my nipples." He smacked me again... "fuckin chew on it, faggot!"
He put his arm around the back of my head, pressing my face so hard against his chest that I coudn't breathe. "Chew on it, yeah..."
Amoment later he lifted his arm and shoved my face into his armpit. "Get in there boy, suck on that, get your tongue in there like you're gonna do to my asshole." He practically had me in a headlock with my face buried in his armpit, full of my spit, I couldn't breathe. He used his other massive arm to wrap around my waist to pull me closer to him, and i coud feelhis cock, hard as a crowbar, through his jeans.

That went on for a bit, and he shoved me down again. "Get down, faggot, and take your shirt off." I took my shirt off and waited for more instruction.

He started to unfasten his belt. "you want this, boy?"
"Yes, sir, i do..."
"Put you mouth onit, all the way down."
And I did... it was nice and thick but not too long, so it was ewasy to take it all in quickly. I took him in so deep that my face was pressed deep into his crotch. "Good boy, you're a fucking cocksucker, aren't ya? you don't need any instruction, do ya boy? Look up, boy..."
I looked up, and he spat on me. "Open up!" I opened my mouth wide, and he spat in my mouth. "Swallow it. Good boy."
His spit was very warm and kid of sour. "Again, boy."
I opened my mouth again, and again he spat. "Don't swallow that one, boy, work that onto my cock..."
I help his spit in my mouth and took his cock into my throat again, lubing the shaft with his spit. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face really hard. His cock was so far back in my mouth and he was thrusting so hard I felt the roof of my mouth and back of my throat being rubbed totally raw.

He held me down on his cock, and I felt the head of his dick pressing into the soft flesh just behind the roof of my mouth. He was backing up slowly to the edge of the futon, dragging me with him. He sat down carefully, holding me onto his dick the whole time. He pulled me off his cock, and told me to take my clothes off, which I gladly did. He asked me to take his sneakers off for him, which I did carefully, although I almost wish he'd kept them on... they were almost new New Balance cross trainers, one of my
favorites. I got him naked, and he layed back. He pulled his legs up and told me to get to work on his asshole. I was a little shy at first, and just buried my face in his ballsack, slobbering and licking and sucking his nuts into my mouth. "Good boy, that feels great... a little lower..."
He coached me down his crack, getting him all nice and wet. I finally got downto his asshole, and he let out a growl. "Good boy, good fucking boy, there ya go, get your tongue in there, faggot!"
And hey, it wasn't that scary!

He coached me through it, telling me I was a good boy, calling me a good little faggot... "you sure you've never done this?"
"No sir.."
"You're a pro, boy, you're a smart litle faggot.."

He kept telling me to go back and forth between his cock and his ass. I was having a hard time catching my nreath, so he told me to come up for air. I laid down beside him, face up in his armpit, and went to work there while he slapped my ass and called me a fucking faggot.
After a few minutes,he got up and leaned against the wall. "C'mere boy, enough rest. Get back on my dick." And I went back to work, sucking his cock into my throat while he spat on me and called me names.
He slapped me away, and I went back for more. "Fucking cockhungry slut.."
He slapped me again, harder. I stayed on his cock, bobbing up and down on it, while he hit me. This went on for a while, until he grabbed my hair and threw me hard to the ground. He got on the futon on his knees with his ass up and told me to get my tongue back in his hole. It was a lot easier to eat his ass in this position, and I went to town. I buried my face in his crack and wrapped my fist around his hard, wet cock, jacking it while I worked his ass. He was grunting and growling, pushing back against me.

After a few minutes, he turned around and grabbed my by the throat, pulled me up on the futon. "You wanna get fucked, don'tcha boy?"
"Yes, sir, I want you in me"
"If you wanted it, you'd be begging."
He rolled me over, and started slapping my ass, hard. "Beg, fag."
I did my best to beg for his cock in my hole as he was spanking me.

He finally turned me over and pushed my legs up over myhead. He layed his cock over mine, ribbing it back and forth. "you've earnerd it, boy. you're gonna get it."
He pushed his cock hard against my hole, and it hurt really bad as it popped in. He pulled back and rubbed his cock over mine as he twisted his own nipples, looking down at me. A moment later he pressed his cock against my hole again, and I just relaxed to try to take it in. A second later, he was balls deep in my ass. He fucked me hard, pounding deep. After a few minutes, it started to hurt again, but looking up at this thick, hairy man as he pounded into me was incredible.

He pulled out and laid down next to me. "Get down there and finish me, boy. I'm gonna shoot in your mouth."
I went nuts on his cock, trying to suck the cum out of him. He was growling and grabbing me and bucking his hips, and he shot a huge load into my mouth.

I laid there for a minute with my head on his thigh, just lightly running my lips over his softening cock as he caught his breath.
"Fuck, boy," he sasid, "I haven't cum like that since I was a teenager."
I looked up at him, and said, "That's what I'm here for, Sir."

After he left, I contemplated going for another. My trucker guy said he might come over later, and I wanted to see if I could get another one in-between... cause if I could get one in between Sir and my trucker, I'd finally set a new personal record of three fucks in one day. I hopped online and wrote a quick ad for craigslist.
In the middle of writing, I got a call from a really good friend I hadn't seen in ages, and we talked for awhile. By the time we got off the phone, I didn't think I'd have enough time to try for another. I posted the ad anyway, just for the hell of it.

i got a few good responses, and one that was very cryptic...
"Im 28 thin and well, I think I may be interested, if you wanna come by. Hit me up"

I usually won't bother responding to anything so vague, but I did this time, and I'm very glad I did...

to be continued, muwa ha haa!!
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servicing a public servant [17 Oct 2005|03:44pm]
I just got royally fucked by an ungodly hot firefighter.

On craigslist, as usual. Being the middle of a weekday, I got a ton of responses. This one was fairly basic, but it caught my eye:
I'm a fit 30 y.o. good looking fit, 5'11" 170 lbs WM.
I'd love to come right over and feed you my cock and
fill your holes. I'm in (nearby neighborhood) and could drive
there very soon. Let me know.

Accompanied by a link to a very nice photo of a slim torso with gorgeous pecs. I responded with dirty photos, he responded enthusiastically, and said he'd be here by 3:30.

At 3:30 on the dot, my doorbell rang. There stood a very handsome slender guy in a firefighter's uniform (not the big yellow fire suit, duh! he was wearing blue workpants, black laceups, and a tight blue tshirt with his company logo). He had a big smile, gorgeous blue eyes, and a salt-n-pepper flat top... my ideal man. He came in an introduced himself with a hearty handshake - "Hi, I'm from craigslist!" never caught his name. I commented on his impeccable timing, and as he started to kick off his shoes, he moved closer to me and said, "I don't like to keep people waiting."

I put my hands on his chest as he kicked his pants off, he wasn't wearing underwear. I thought for a second about his gorgeous cock - which was already mostly hard, by the way - pressed under the weight of his heavy wool and canvas firesuit, and wondered if he just disliked underwear enough to subject his cock to that, or if he liked the feeling.

I got down in front of him and took his cock in my mouth, all the way to the base. He put his hands on my head and pushed his hips forward and almost yelled out, "oh, yes!" like his favorite sports team had just scored a point. I instantly wanted to marry this guy. I worked enthusiastically on this guy's dick, and he was enthusiastic about feeding it to me. He'd reach under my chin to play with his balls, grip my shoulders, ruffle his hands in my hair, smile down at me when I looked up at him. "Fuck yeah, dude, you relaly know how to suck.." he said, as he sat down. I got betwen his knees and rubbed my hands up hiw six-pack, under his firefighter shirt, to his nipples. He jerked his cock in front of my chest as I worked his nipples and we smiled at each other. "Can I fuck your ass, bro?" he asked. I definitely wanted him to fuck me, but I couldn't get enough of his cock in my mouth, so I went back to blowing him. I was burying my face in his nuts and he started stroking his cock when he asked me to take my shirt off. I did, then he was stroking his cock against my chest. "You wanna fuck me?" I asked, and he grinned and nodded.

I took his cock into my throat again for a minute, then stood up and took my pants off as he stood in front of my, running his fist up and down his cock in long, slow strokes. I sat back on the edge of my bed and he stepped closer betwen my legs, guiding his cock into my cunt. I layed back, and he pushed right into me. He fucked me with long strokes, deep into me, his body slapping against mine, then out til just the tip of his cock was still in me. He fucked me with kind of an upward stroke, the flare of his cock rubbing the inside of my cunt in all the right places, I almost came just from him fucking me. He was shoving into me hard, standing there with his hips forard and his shoulders back, eyes closed and grunting, shoving into me with the weight of his body... which was totally hot to watch as he was fucking me. He reached down to pull his shirt up, and instead of pulling it off, just pulled it behind his neck, like they tend to do in gay porn... hott!

A few more minutes, and he pulled totally out of me. He reached for the bottle of lube on my bookself (left by another trick a few days ago, hah..) and rubbed a generous glob of lube against my asshole. He lubed the head of his cock, and pressed against my hole. I was nervous and almost asked him to stop, but a second later, the head of his cock was in my ass. It hurt a lot, but I asked him to wait a second, and a moment later, it just felt wonderful. He just held his cock in me, waiting, smiling down at me. I pulled him towards me a little, telling him to slide into me slowly. By the time his cock was inside me to the base, it felt fantastic. I looked up at him and smiled, said, "yeah, fuck me hard.." and he did. He looked down and was watching his cock sliding in and out of my ass, and I started to stroke my own cock. He smiled at me, "yeah, dude, stroke it..."

I watched him intently as he fucked my ass. His body tensed up and he pushed in deeper, groaned, and I felt his cock jump as he shot in my ass. He pulled back a little and made short thrusts into me, his whole body spasming.... such a hot orgasm to watch. He caught his breath before he pulled out, leaned back against my bookcase, and laughed. "Fuck yeah, that was awesome!"

I asked him about being a firefighter as he got dressed, and told him he should definitely get back to me.

This isn't the only hooking-up I've done lately.. but the other was a guy I actually like, so I don't know if that counts for my hookup journal ;)

Now I'm waiting for a guy that I hooked up with before... I hope he shows. I hate when their emails sound kind of non-commital.. I certainly don't feel like having my time wasted today.
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